Vernaccia in Sardinia comes from the region of Oristano in the west of the island. Processed in a similar way to sherry Vernaccia di Oristano is reminiscent of dry aged Oloroso.
Legend has it that the wine comes from the tears of Santa Giusta, the patron saint of Oristano. The story tells of how in a time of prolific malaria in Sardinia Santa Giusta came down from heaven and perceiving all the death around her began to cry whilst praying to god to have pity on the people. The tears on hitting the ground sprouted plants that in turn bore fruit. The Sardinians quickly gathered the fruit in fear that it would vanish as quickly as it had appeared. They crushed the fruit, drank the wine and immediately felt better.

White Wine ( Similar to a sherry )
Grapes – Vernaccia
Vineyard – Vinicola Attilio Contini
Tasting – It is a wine of a decidedly Mediterranean flavour, with a full-bodied, persistent perfume, with hints of toasted hazelnuts and almond blossom.
Suggestions for use – It is best served at the end of the meal, a wine for mellow thoughts, excellent with almond based sweetmeats and pastries.

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