Malvasia is a very rich flavoured desert wine. Every Mediterranean country has its own Malvasia and each has structural and sensory characteristics that are different from those of all the others.
The Malvasia di Bosa is produced in various communes of the province of Nuoro in the northwestern corner of Sardinia. The production area is centered on Bosa, a small town dominated by the Castello di Serravalle, which was built in the 13th century by the Marchesi di Malaspina to defend the community from Saracen invaders.
The exceptional quality of the wine, which is intense in color, a golden yellow, and flavor, which is full and full, is due primarily to the extended aging it undergoes. The production discipline sets the period of aging at two years but it is usually prolonged for as much as another year or more.

White dessert wine
Grapes – Malvasia
Vineyard – CSF Viticultori della Planargia – Flussio (Nu)
Production – Six months after harvesting the wine is refined in small oak casks, left for several years to remove watery residues and favour the development of the characteristic “flower”. These enzymes transform some of the wines constituents into aromatic substances, which refining themselves in the bottle, give the wine its characteristic bouquet, bringing it close to the most celebrated Spanish Sherries.

Description – Marked golden yellow colour; intense perfume, fine, ethereal, very refined, intense taste, persistent afterwards.

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