Festivals in Sardinia

There are a vast number of festivals and carnival processions that take place across Sardinia throughout the year. From small village festivities to large carnival extravaganza’s, festivals give any visitor to Sardinia the opportunity to experience some of the cultural heritage of the island.

Alghero Via Crucis

Easter week in Italy is a time of evocative festivals and parades that recall the death of Christ. Transcending time and trends these often painful

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Cavalcata Sarda

This parade of folkloristic groups from all over Sardinia exhibiting their colours and traditional costumes takes place the third Sunday in May. The origins of

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Festa del Redentore

The festival of the Redentore in Nuoro has been going since 1901 when the 7 metre high bronze statue of the Redeemer was placed on

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Sa Sartiglia of Oristano

Sa Sartiglia in Oristano is the most spectacular and choreographed Carnival in Sardinia. An equestrian game with ancient origins in which brave horsemen compete with

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The artichoke festival

The food lovers should not miss the artichoke festival that takes place on the second Sunday in March in Uri. A gastronomic event centred on

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The cherries festival

The people visiting Sardinia in June may want to check out the Cherries Festival, which takes place in the small village of Belvi’ in the

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