vernaccia Vernaccia in Sardinia comes from the region of Oristano in the west of the island. Processed in a similar way to sherry Vernaccia di Oristano is reminiscent of dry aged Oloroso. Legend has it that the wine comes from the tears of Santa Giusta, the patron saint of Oristano. The story tells of how […]


malvasia Malvasia is a very rich flavoured desert wine. Every Mediterranean country has its own Malvasia and each has structural and sensory characteristics that are different from those of all the others. The Malvasia di Bosa is produced in various communes of the province of Nuoro in the northwestern corner of Sardinia. The production area […]


cannonau Cannonau is the name for Grenache in Sardinia. This grape variety was probably brought to the island by the Spanish at the beginning of the 14th century. Cannonau is the most widely planted grape variety in Sardinia.   Red Wine Grapes – Cannonau, Carignano, Barbera sarda, Bovale. Vineyard – Vineyard of Tanca S’Arai Tasting – Deep ruby […]


vermentino Vermentino came to Sardinia from spain via Corsica. Although present all over Sardinia the finest and most renound of Vermentinos is that of the Gallura region in the north of the island. The reason for the quality of incessantly fierce winds from the alps, the Mistral. monteoro vermentino di gallura   White Wine Grapes – Vermentino […]