porceddu Roast suckling pig ingredients Serves 6-8 1 3kg suckling pig Salt method This is the king of all Sardinian dishes and probably the most spectacular and also the tastiest. There are two ways to approach the cooking of suckling pig depending on the means of cooking that you have at your disposal. However whichever […]


spinu Pork ribs with olives ingredients Serves 4 1 kg of pork ribs Pitted black olives 3 cloves of garlic Parsley Bay leaves Dry white wine Salt Extra virgin olive oil method If you bought your ribs in a whole rack then cut them into individual ribs. Season the ribs with salt and place in […]


meat The true flavour of Sardinia a quality product It would not be unfair to say that Sardinians are a race of meat eaters. Meat is very firmly on the menu in Sardinia and for good reason. Quality. There is an enormous difference in quality of meat today, from what the animals are fed to where […]