Pecorino is one of the major food symbols of Sardinia. Tradition is everything here, with dairies only using modern technologies to enhance traditional methods of production. This sheep’s milk cheese comes in an abundance of forms but is generally separated into two categories, Stagionata (aged) and fresh. The fresher varieties of pecorino such as la […]


fregula Fregula seems to be becoming the new polenta. Such a humble pasta that has its traditions in the homes of poor Sardinian farm workers has become one of the most fashionable Italian ingredients around. Made from coarsely ground semolina, Fregula is a slightly chewy pasta that is fundamentally used in soups but can also […]

Traditional Ingredients

traditional ingredients a peek into the Sardinian larder sardinian products As with all of Italy, Sardinia has it’s own particular products that are representative of the cuisine of the area. Many of these products have long been difficult to find outside of Sardinia but are now readily available from most good deli’s. Having these ingredients in your […]