The chestnut festival in Aritzo

The chestnut festival takes place at the end of October in Aritzo, in the heart of Barbagia. Three days of traditional celebrations including exhibitions, music, arts and crafts and gastronomic events. Food tasting based mostly around chestnuts, which can be eaten roasted or boiled, chestnut cakes and the carapigna, the typical sorbet from Aritzo. Other […]

The traditional wedding in Selargius

During the 2nd week of September in Selargius, in the province of Cagliari there is the celebration of the traditional Sardinian wedding. Real couples get married every year following the old traditions wearing the traditional Sardinian wedding gown. At the end of the ceremony they are chained together to symbolise the union of their destinies. […]

The Festival of San Salvatore and the barefoot run

The festival of San Salvatore, which takes place the 1st week-end of September, is one of the oldest and most peculiar events in Sardinia. On the 1st Saturday of September, at dawn, a group of around a thousand runners, all barefoot young men wearing a white robe, carry the simulacrum of San Salvatore from the […]

The Archers Tournament in Iglesias

On the 7th of August in Iglesias, in the South of Sardinia, there is the Archers’ Tournament, with 24 archers taking part in medieval attire. This manifestation recalls the historical siege of the town by Alfonso D’Aragona in the XIV century. As the story goes, Castellano D’Imposta, one of the men of Alfonso D’Aragona, was […]

International gastronomic competition Girotonno

From the 1st to the 4th of June 2006 in Carloforte on the island of San Pietro will take place the 4th edition of the Girotonno, an international gastronomic competition centred around bluefin tuna that sees chefs and food experts from all over the world getting together to celebrate and ancient old tradition. Four days […]